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The Alumni of LVPEI Optometrists (ALO) the alumni community established in November 2014. The main objective of the Alumni is to foster professional networking among alumni and also encourage solidarity to ensure continuous engagement within alumni and with parent organisations.


ALO broadly consists of two chapters. Fellows Chapter, comprising former optometry fellows of LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) and BLSO Chapter comprising graduates from Bausch and Lomb School of Optometry (BLSO). 


ALO is governed by an elected governing body, and functions predominantly on membership fees, donations from ALO members and generous support from philanthropists. For an overview of how ALO functions please read here.


The purpose of this website is to create a gateway to rekindle friendship, build professional networks and share alumni news and optometry knowledge. This website has a variety of sections for various intended activities, where the members can communicate with the fellow members through discussions, debates and other knowledge sharing processes. For the new alumni members, this is an amazing platform to connect with the former alumni members who have excelled in various fields of optometry and to obtain a clear guidance on optometry career.


Join us today and be part of the ALO’s network!!



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