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Hi There,

I felt that my journey of pre- PhD and PhD was a roller coaster ride as everyone’s. I always had a burning desire to do a PhD in Myopia and aberrations, since my 4th year B Optom project days. Then, years passed by trying for one and the departments were going through a tough phase of lacking funds to offer scholarships. Five years passed after my graduation, but still, I couldn’t resist the temptation of enrolling myself into a PhD. 

Finally, a day has come where in out of frustration, I thought of giving up my dream after a last attempt at the University of Auckland. 

As said by someone “It’s only when you stop and think of your work through new perspective, that you actually jump up and go turn the idea into reality.” During our (me and my partner) conversations we have decided that I need to change my area and think of the upcoming areas of research which add value to the profession. It was then I designed my project into “Retina and Choroid “. However, my research idea was rejected from Optometry department but for a change, that email was followed by an acceptance from Ophthalmology department of the University of Auckland. 

Then comes the major challenge of my life, my son, Kriss. He was just 3 years old and a Mom it’s the most toughest decision of my life to leave him and go. I thank my parents and my partner for giving me that confidence in taking up the opportunity. They have agreed to take care of him and have allowed me to go ahead with my opportunity and I accepted it. 

The journey of PhD had started as usually in a very exciting way, however, a lot of ups and downs are quiet common in everybody’s PhD journey which I had also gone through. Sometimes family, son and sometimes PhD pressures and yes, how can I finish my PhD without those days where I felt that I have to give on this. However, I could withstand everything and complete the summit in stipulated time with the support of my family members and almighty with some amazing results that are potential to change the policies of various geographical regions, if applied properly. 

I sincerely thank Freemasons Scholarship for supporting my PhD, Alumni of L V Prasad Eye Institutes Optometry (ALO) for giving me this opportunity to share my experience. Last but not the least, Dr Rao and our teachers through the journey of Optometry, without whom we would never have been trained with such a high quality standards to face the world and be proud of what we are. 

“Nothing is truly inspiring unless you apply it to your work”.

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