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Why you must register with OCI now?


The Chief executive officer of Optometry Council of India (OCI), Ms Lakshmi Shinde urged optometrists in India and abroad to register with the council as soon as possible. OCI, Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry and Indian Optometric Federation have been in discussion with union ministry regards the Health Council bill which, OCI hopes will be passed in a year or so. The ministry will be adopting a verified register of optometrists. OCI, does have a verified database. However, our numbers are small compared to Physiotherapy etc which have a verified register of approximately 30-40,000. If optometry needs to push for a seat in the central council, we need to populate the registered list with more and more numbers. Therefore if you have already not registered please register now using the link here. Please do encourage your friends, colleagues and others to register ASAP. The same register will later be transferred to the government once the bill is passed.



Another important note:

Each optometrist needs to get registered in state where he works / practices with Optometry Association which is registered in that state and get his name in State Optometry Register and also he must register with Centre. Both registrations will be required as per the bill. Your state may not have a registered Optometry Association then we request you to get Optometry Association registered in your state soon. State is a health subject and to get Optometry position in your state representation profession must start working and take a lead in each state, you have 18 other professions to compete and self regulation and large number will mean assuring your say with your respective state government. For example if person A practices in Delhi, he needs to get his name with Delhi State Optometry Register and also with Central Optometry Register. If you need any assistance or help write to or contact OCI

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