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Alumni receives Fellowship of American Academy of Optometry at the Academy 2015

reported by Dr Vinod Maseedupally

New Orleans/ Sydney

Oct 2015


At this year’s annual American Academy meeting, Dr Vinod Maseedupally (LVPEI 2000/BLSO 2005), Dr Baskar Arumugam (LVPEI 2001/BLSO 2005), Dr Kuldeep Raizada (LVPEI 2002) and Mr Prasad Sawant (LVPEI 2002) received the prestigious title ‘Fellow of American Academy of Optometry or FAAO’.

Dr Vinod Maseedupally, Dr Kuldeep Raizada, Dr Baskar Arumugam and Mr Prasad Sawant with those yellow tags representing successful achievement of FAAO title.

Professionals who become Fellows of the Academy must complete a rigorous candidacy process. Candidates submit extensive written work and must also pass an oral examination. A panel of leading optometrists and vision scientists must approve both the written work and oral examination. Less than ten percent of practicing optometrists are Fellows of the Academy. Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry constantly strive for the highest professional standards.


Dr Vinod Maseedupally is a postdoctoral research fellow and educator at the University of New South Wales, Sydney; Dr Baskar Arumugam is also pursuing postdoctoral research fellowship from the University of Houston, Texas;  Dr Kuldeep Raizada is an Ocularist and a business giant in India and does collaborative work across the world. Mr Prasad Sawant is a well-established independent optometry practitioner in Mumbai and an active educator.

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