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Sailesh’s video on 'a day in PhD life' gets a big cheer


Sep 2015

On the occasion of Annual Postgrdauate Review Meet (28 Sep to 2 Oct 2015) held at School of Optometry and Vision Science, (UNSW, Sydney, Australia), the school invited entries for best photograph and video. 


Sailesh Kolanu, alumni of BLSO (2008) tried his luck by making a three-and-half-minute video titled ‘Double Check’ . The video showcases a day in life of a PhD student. Several alumni of LVPEI/BLSO have been casted in this short film.


The original plot as described by Sailesh: "The PhD student (myself) is stuck with the results of an experiment. He was expecting a significant difference between two study groups in one of his studies but his analysis shows the other way round. This movie is all about how he spends a day to solve this riddle."


His submission received ‘Best Video Award’ during the review meet and you can watch this video on YouTube here.


Sailesh is aiming to submit his thesis related to Ocualr Allergy in the first quarter of 2016.

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