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ALO celebrates Teachers' Day at LVPEI

Reported by Dr Nagaraju Konda, President ALO


Sep 2015

The theme is “Your experience as a Trainer and Trainee”

Knowledge acquired through experience, study or being taught is at its steep curve in the temple of eye care called L V Prasad Eye Institute. It provides a buffet of knowledge, and up to the student to choose what and how they would like to decorate their plate. Interestingly, some of us got the opportunity to take roles as both 'a trainer' and 'a trainee' in this place along with variety of young bunch of trainers. Thus, ALO set a theme for this year Teachers' Day Celebration as “Your experience as a Trainer and Trainee” for the day and invited current faculty working at LVPEI/BLSO to share their experience as a Trainer and Trainee.


Current optometry faculty, optometry fellows and interns were present during the celebration. Ms Bhavna Prakash SP, current optometry intern anchored the session and ALO team including Dr Nagaraju Konda, Ms Snigdha, Mr Vijay Kumar, Mr L Venkatesh Mr Haresh Potluri and Mr Challa Kiran Kumar joined the occassion.

Ms Bhavna Prakash - anchoring

Current optometry teaching faculty were acknowledged and optometry education contributors were felicitated

Dr. Vijaya  Gothwal delivered an introductory talk on first optometry faculty at LVPEI and introduced Ms Rukmini Nagarajan, Dr Padmaja Sankaridurg, Mr Vallam Srinivas Rao, Mr Ghanshyam Singh, Ms Rashmi Mahajan and Ms Lakshmi Shinde to the the current fellows and interns.


On this special occassion, the current optometry teachers have been acknowledged for their contributions at the Patodia Auditorium, LVPEI, KAR Campus.  The teachers included Mr Vijay Kumar, Mr Uday Kumar Addepalli, Mr Ganesh Jonnadula, Mr Srikanth Maseedupalli, Mr Srikanth Dumpati, Mr Winston Potter, Mr Ravi Kumar, Mr Shyam Sunder Tummanapalli.





Optometry edcucation contributors were also felicitated on this occassion. They have been gifted a token of appreciation for the contribution to optometry education at LVPEI and BLSO. These tokens have been presented to them at their respective offices. The people who have been presented with tokens included Dr Gullapalli N Rao,  Founder-Chairman, the man behind the Optometry profession at LVPEI, Dr G Chandra Sekhar, who served as a director for education and Dr Prashant Garg the current education director, our beloved teachers Dr Vijaya K Gothwal, Ms Lakshmi Shinde and Dr Srinivas Marmamula.

Speeches by optometry faculty

The current optometry faculty were given opportunity to speak on stage about their experiences as teachers at LVPEI or BLSO. However, not every one ended up speaking due to time constraint. Among the ones who spoke were Mr Vijay Kumar, Mr Srikanth Maseedupalli, Mr Uday Addepalli and Mr Srikanth Dumapti. 

Vijay Yalagondula shared his experience in his usual witty/funny manner. His talk began by saluting ALO for initiating Teachers' day celebrations at LVPEI/BLSO and acknowledging Dr Vijaya Kumari Gothwal, who has the sole faculty in-charge in shaping him as an  Optometrist. He walked down the memory lane on other mentors at LVPEI including Ms Rashmi Mahajan, Ms Srilaksmi, Mr Vinoth Kumar , Mr Vinod Maseedupally, Mr Ghanshyam, Mr Pasha, Mr Deepak, Dr Nagaraju, Dr Roopa, Dr Kunjam, Mr Ashish, Ms Vasantha, Mr Ashok, Mr Jayanth, Mr Vallam and others. He said his memories are still fresh in his mind, recollected his interview questions such as what is light? Though some of them are basic in nature.... back then was too tough for him to answer. His memories went back to 7 O' clock classes, overcoming the late night sleep effect in the morning OPD room by opting for dark room examination of  slit lamp. He said, he thoroughly enjoyed his student life and said he may not meet par excellence as a student but managed to become trainer and thanked ALO for providing platform to share his experiences.

Mr Vijay Kumar


Mr Perfectionist and faculty at BLSO, Mr Srikanth Maseedupalli said being a trainee (learner) is a life time process and one would feel so, if they aspire to learn every day. It may be related to your professional or personal life. Anyone who teaches you something is a teacher. It can be father, mother, teacher, colleague, friend or even a student. He said for now, he is tune to be an educator. He said being an educator is a journey, a transformation and a rare opportunity. During this transformation from trainee to educator, there was a breakthrough in communication because of technology. Everything changed in our lives. People learn from internet. The big influence now is through internet to each and everyone. Everyone would like to have their own identity and in the way they want. The people have become gadgets and the gadgets - their lives. We cant escape it in anyways. It means that highly influencing current generation teacher is internet, but, the best teacher is thyself'. He thanked all his teachers on this teacher's day and ALO for giving me an opportunity to share my experience."

Mr Srikanth Maseedupalli

Uday shared his experiences as both student and teacher by presenting a video. In the video he thanked all his mentors. His video was funny and was thoroughly enjoyed by the audiences.  He concluded that teachers' guidance had helped him what he is today. A copy of the video can be obtained by request from Mr Uday Addepalli.


Srikanth Dumapti was notalgic too. He shared his interview experience at the time of entry into optometry. Where he was asked what 

Srikanth also said that as a diploma student he did not have conventional learning that comes from classroom to clinics but had exactly opposite experience he was posted in clinics first and then on to learn from books. 




Mr Kiran challa presented the vote of thanks and concluded with some refreshments.




Mr Srikanth Dumpati

Mr Uday Kumar Addepalli

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