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New Item

A news item is material published on ALO website (or its related media) that consists of information on acheivements, presentations, or general information relating to alumni of LVPEI or BLSO. The news item will be published as written by ALO and credits will be given to the news provider ( e.g. Reported  by Mr XXXX XXX). This news item does not contain personal first-pronoun (I, me and myself). An author description will not be provided for news item. 




Feature article

A feature article is an article published on ALO website (or its related media) written by alumni of LVPEI or BLSO, or may have been written by an eminent person in the field and not an alumni of LVPEI or BLSO. Feature article is aimed at providing knowledge in the field of optometry to our audience. A brief description of the author is given at the end of the article to introduce him/her to the audience. A feature article may be a one time publication or published as a series every month. If you are interested to write an article please read our guidelines



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