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Alumni @ EIVOC 2015 





Reported by Shyam Sunder Tummanapalli


Sep 2015

Reekham Sahu, Kiran Challa, Preetam Kumar, Vinay Kumar Nilagiri, Divya, Faiza bombal, Praveen Kumar Bandela, Dr Premnandhini, Raghuveer, Dr. Rajan, Veerendranath, Swathi, Seema, Saurabh, Shyam Sunder, Parthasarathi, Vaishali, Nazia.

ESO’s International Vision Science and Optometry conference (EIVOC) 2015 organized by the Elite School of Optometry (ESO), Sankara Nethralaya at Mahabalipuram between 13th and 16th August 2015.

The conference offered a true experience to all the conference delegates. This year, the conference was attended by 1200 odd delegates across the country; of them, around 25 members were current staff, fellows, students or alumni of LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) or Bausch and Lomb School of Optometry (BLSO).


Our alumni were extremely pleased to see such a great turnout and all the alumni actively interacted with the presenters and fellow attendees. All the workshops and symposiums were thought provoking and chiefly focussed on specific topics like myopia control, spectacle dispensing, contact lens, low vision and research methodologies.


Eminent speakers at EIVOC

The national and international speakers were exceptionally good with their talks. Some eminent national and international speakers were Dr Sarita Soni (Indiana University, USA), Dr BR Shamanna (Public Health Foundation of India, India), Prof Mohammed Jalie (University of Ulster, UK), Dr Karla Zadnik (Ohio State University, USA), Dr Eef van der Worp (University of Maastricht, NL), Prof Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan, Lakshman Subbaraman (both from University of Waterloo, CA), Dr S Premanandini, Dr Vijaya K Gothwal, Dr Shrikant Bhardwaj, Dr L S Varadarajan (all from LVPEI India), Mr Nilesh Thite (IACLE, India), Dr Rajeshwari and Dr Krishna Kumar (both from ESO, India).

Award winners: Vinay Kumar Nilagiri, Seema Banerjee, Shyam Sunder Tummanapalli

Award galore for our alumni

In total, our LVPEI/BLSO witnessed their presence by 7 invited lectures and 17 poster and paper presentations. The highlights included Ms Seema Banerjee winning the ‘Best photography award’, Mr Vinay Kumar Nilagiri winning the 'Best Overall Scientific Presentation' and the 'Best Scientific Presentation' of the session and finally Mr Shyam Sunder Tummanapalli winning the ‘Best Poster award’ for poster presentation.


The cutting edge seminars and symposiums and posters presented at the conference exposed both established and budding researchers to learn more about the latest scientific research being carried out in the leading laboratories around the world, which has helped to increase everones knowledge in this rapidly expanding field of Optometry.



Poster or paper presentations from our LVPEI/BLSO staff and alumni are enlisted in the table below.

Our presenters at EIVOC

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