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ALO Governing Body(GB) Elections Term III

                              (2021 - 2024)

                             Inspire, Lead & Represent

Dear ALOians (registered current annual and life members),

Greetings from Alumni of L V Prasad Eye Institute Optometrists (ALO).

This November 2020, earmarks the existence of our ALO for the last 6 years. We began our journey with a grand inaugural opening ceremony with the induction of current Governing Body (GB) and Executive Committee (EC) in November 2014.  As per the ALO bye-laws, the office term for GB is three years and the second GB term ends in January 2021 and the elections are due for in electing the ALO 3rd general body.

 ALO’s current GB calls for self-nominations by registered ALOians (annual or life members). Nominations are invited for following posts




NOTE: Please refer to the ALO’s by-laws          document to check the candidate’s eligibility for filing nominations and also to know the organizational structure of the ALO.

 Click on the below "Submit Nomination" to access ALO’s GB election nomination digital application form.





   Nominations closed on 25th September 2020 11:59 PM IST, All nominated candidates will be notified soon.



Dates to Remember
Nominations open on 15th Sep 2020
Nominations close on 25th Sep 2020
Voting date will be updated soon
Results will be announced on the same day


ALO Governing Body_ Election Details

Election format: Online voting during the virtual meet

Last date to file nomination: 25th September 2020, 11:59 PM IST

Elections day and virtual meeting day and time: Stay tuned! Will be announced soon.

Campaign: After submitting the nomination form candidate or his supports can campaign in ALO platform, Whatsapp, telegram, Facebook and ALO web page. In addition to this on the day of elections, each candidate will be given 3 minutes slot to campaign in the virtual meeting before the online voting.


Voting happens during the virtual meeting and all registered members get to cast their vote. No postal and email/mail votes will be considered. The ALO’s GB elections shall be conducted in the presence of Returning Officer.

Results – On the same day results will be announced.

Please write to if you have any questions on this.

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