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Author guidelines to write articles for ALO website

  1. File format: MS Word

  2. Size: about 800 words (please feel free though - we can make it into two parts if it is too big. If smaller than 800 words - that is not a problem at all) 

  3. Preferred format: Font Size -Arial 10 (make it bold or italics where needed)

  4. Please add side headings where relevant - people generally skim through the content at the beginning, so side headings will help immensely.

  5. Include pictures where necessary to generate interest - downloaded images from internet are not acceptable, do not embed pictures in the word file but attach them with the email.

  6. Please provide a 3 to 5 line personal profile of yours that will go along with the article to introduce the author - providing your email id is optional, though is preferred. 

  7. A casual passport size digital photograph will also help readers knowing you better. 

  8. Please avoid plagiarism. ALO website is not responsible for any issues raised by the owners who originally holds copyright of the the material.

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