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An Important Letter from Optometry Council of India

October 2015, Bangalore, India

Dear All,


Over several years leaders in optometry have been looking at streamlining the profession and also at the same time lobbying for recognition and legislation of the profession. Organizations such as ASCO, Indian optometry Federation and the self regulatory council (Optometry Council of India) have been in dialogue with the government to try and streamline the profession. As a step towards this, the government has come up with the following documents:

1.    Optometry curriculum; Although CMOC was there, it needed endorsement from government. ASCO and its member educators and others, sat together and used this as an opportunity to update CMOC. This was then submitted to the government and this has been uploaded in their website. Please note the contributors as well. The heartening thing to notice was that, the curriculum submitted by our professionals was not changed and accepted as is.


Download Optometry Curriculum draft here


2.    The government then went on to announce a Allied and health care professional bill, which can be accessed through the link below.


Download Allied and Health care bill draft here



3.   The great break through for all of us working towards a better tomorrow came when the government announced the addendum to the bill where Optometry was listed under Health Care profession and NOT AS ALLIED!!


Download Addendum to Allied and health care bill draft here


This has been achieved through hard work of many many optometrist and many years of work as well. Please do send us any feeback that you may have regards this.


Lakshmi Shinde B.Opt, MSc optom (UNSW), FAAO, FIACLE

CEO: Optometry Council of India

Shinde Eye Care Centre

New BEL Road

Bangalore: 560054



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