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ALO proudly supports its members to attend optometry, ophthalmology and vision science conferences. This year ALO decided to support its registered members to attend the 3rd ESO’s International Vision Science and Optometry Conference (EIVOC 2015).


Eligibility criteria for ALO Travel Award

1.            Must be a registered member of ALO (not for honorary members) or current optometry fellows at

               LVPEI or students at BLSO.

2.            Abstract has been accepted for presentation as either poster or paper.

3.            Applicant must be the first author/presenter.

4.            Applicant must not have received any other travel grant from any other source.

5.            Applicants must be currently residing in India and not at the conference venue.


Application procedure and requirements

1.            Download application form from this website and fill-in all details. In complete application forms

               will not be evaluated.

2.            In the application form the candidate need to fill:

i.              Abstract – as approved for presentation at the conference, author names and affiliated


ii.             An academic statement (max 300 words) providing details of current and/or previous

                academic training, activities showing involvement and support to optometry education,

                research and/or clinical training and career goals.

iii.            Letter of support (max 300 words) from the primary supervisor or faculty (for students

                and fellows only)

3.            Filled application forms must be emailed to (scanned forms are also accepted).

4.            Applications will be reviewed by scientific committee of ALO for quality and novelty of the project.

5.            Successful applicants will receive awards in one of the two categories ‘ALO Student Travel Award’

                for students/fellows or  ‘ALO Travel Award’ for other alumni members who are not students.

6.            Travel Award will pay expenses up to a maximum of Rs 2500 or total expense of travel amount 

               whichever is less. Candidates must produce original receipts of purchase and used tickets.

7.            The successful candidate will receive their certificate and award at the conference.

8.            The successful candidate must write a one page (at least 800 words) summary of research presented

                at the conference for publication in the ALO media after the conclusion of the conference.


Last date for submitting ALO Travel Award application 10 July 2015


For more details contact ALO at


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